We regret to inform all players that
PURERAN permanently closed its servers on February 16, 2024.
Players who have topped up through agents before,
please contact BabyRan online customer service,
we will retop up the amount you previously topped up in PURERAN to BABYRANs game account,
The free points previously obtained in the game,
including bonus points obtained through website activities
(such as 50,000 points obtained by upgrading the weapon to +111) will not be transferred to BABYRAN,
please understand.

The following is the contact information for BABYRAN online customer service:
Please submit it in the following format so that customer service can quickly handle your request:

Your game account in PURERAN,
the mobile number used when topped up,
the total amount of topped up,
and your account in BABYRAN.

Sorry, if your inquiry has nothing to do with the above, we will block the IP so as not to affect the processing progress.